The Lost Soles at the Beach

Tulum Mexico 2015

I went to a warm beach for RnR, to attend a yoga retreat, to drop into my center place.  The weather was blustery and unsettled.  A few nice days and a tropical storm with torrential rains, gusty winds and seaweed depositions on the beach.  Along with seaweed came trash – white trash and lots of lost soles.  I was looking for tranquility and peace and I found a spectrum of emotions.

We are a spectrum of feelings, thoughts and dreams.  We all have a unique path and direction in life.  The lost soles reminds me of such.  Each sole is different in size, color and location.  Each has different associations and relationships, each sole represents a story, an experience and a history.  The lost souls washed ashore, tumbled and twisted, some new, some old, some small, some big, mostly piled deep in clutter and trash.  I saw a reflection of disrespect of life on planet earth.  I can no long ignore GAIA, Pachamama, mother earth.  She speaks a universal language which we have forgotten.  We need to listen to our souls and remember who we are at the white sand beach.