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Kundalini Yoga in Crested Butte, Coloraddo

Kundalini Yoga by donation is a monthly event at Sunset Hall behind the fire station in Crested Butte South.  First class was held August 26th in honor of Yogi Bhajan’s birthday.  The theme was “Connecting to the Teacher within” Morning started with 5AM Sadhana!  Second class will be hosted from 7-9PM on September 21st.  The theme will be about balancing self and relationships to others.  It’s the Equinox and post eclipse month which might be a wild ride.  Set your intentions and stay steady!  Location is at Sunset Hall in CB South.  September’s class is going to be really juicy and sweet.  It will calm the nervous system and prepared your body for a deep sleep.  Golden Milk will also be served following class and this warm tumeric almond milk and honey drink is great for reducing inflammation and again, calming the nervous system.

Come on down to CB South on Wednesday night Sept 21 7-9pm for a soothing experience.  Bring a mat, pillows, blanket, mug for golden milk and a friend.  This class is Kundalini by Donation and of course all donations are welcome and appreciated.  I am super excited about hosting these classes.  October’s class will be about Strengthening the Immune System – getting ready for winter!  Expect to sweat and build up some heat in this class!  And come winter Kundalini by Donation will become a regular event along with other great classes!  Spread the word and I look forward to seeing you!  Till then, Caroline