“Live what you Love”

“No matter how slow the film, Spirit always stands still long enoughfor the photographer. It has chosen.”     Minor White

“ When you use a camera, not as a machine, but as an extension of the heart, you become one with the subject.”         Anonymous

“To me, photography is a art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”  Elliott Erwitt

“While drawing a rock, I learn nothing “about” rocks, but let this particular rock reveal its rockiness. While drawing grasses, I learn nothing “about” grass, but wake up to the wonder of this grass and its growing, to the wonder that there is grass at all.” Frederick Franck

“All who were committed, authentic – that is, absolutely un-phony-were my teachers. Without sentimentality they encouraged me, insisted that what I was seeking I had to find myself, in myself.” Frederick Franck

“Where there is revelation, explanation becomes superfluous. Curiosity is dissolved in wonder.” Frederick Franck

“Art is Food. You cannot eat it but it feeds you. “ Bread and Puppet Manifesto

“To be a photographer, one must photograph. No amount of learning, no checklist of seminars attended, can substitute for the simple act of making pictures. Experience is the best teacher. And for that, there are no guarantees that one will become an artist. Only the journey matters.” Harry Callahan

“Photography is a great excuse for seeing things you ordinarily wouldn’t” Christopher Beirne

“I believe in the photographer’s magic – the ability to stir the soul with light and shape and color. To create grand visual moments out of small and simple things, and to infuse big and complicated subjects with unpretentious elegance. He respects classic disciplines, while at the same time insists on being fast, modern and wild.” Amyn Nasser

“Your heart rejoices when you feel that you are being guided,when you realize that you are not alone and that you are not a leaf being strewn in the wind. When you perceive that there is an intelligence that connects everything, and you are a part of this play, then you feel like you belong: like you are a flower in the Creator’s garden. There is no sadness anymore. But to reach this state of contentment, one has to learn how to listen to the voice of intuition and to pay attention to synchronicities. There is always a message for you behind any mysterious ‘coincidence.’ Synchronicity is the language the universe uses to show you the next steps of your journey.”   Sri Prem Baba

“Cultivating silence, observing oneself, and being whole in action form the foundation upon which the building of consciousness can be raised. If you dedicate yourself to these practices, you will inevitably begin to smell the fragrance of pure love. The seeds of silence will naturally start to sprout, and love will begin to be revealed. Love is the nectar of life. It opens the doors to peace and prosperity.”   Sri Prem Baba

“My vision of the environmental crisis is that it stems from the forgetfulness of our spiritual nature. When we forget that we are spiritual beings living a material experience, we see the world only from the material point of view, as if it were devoid of spirit. Forgetting our spiritual nature feeds the belief that we can treat the Earth in whatever way suits us best.” Sri Prem Baba

“Environmental issues such as pollution, global warming, and both the lack and excess of water are all nature’s responses to the ignorance and neglect with which we have treated Her. Nature is trying to teach us something. But what is she trying to teach us? Since the external is merely a reflection of the internal, the answer certainly lies within us. For this reason, the actions to be carried out externally must be born from within us through loving consciousness.”  Sri Prem Baba

“Trust and freedom are intimately related to vulnerability. Human beings fear being vulnerable, which is why trust and freedom are rare phenomena. A leaf doesn’t know where the wind is blowing, but that doesn’t stop it from going with the wind. If you are a leaf full of expectations, always trying to control the wind’s direction, your life will become full of challenges. This controlling self is fear itself trying to make things go the way it imagines they should be. But this approach always ends up creating separation, destruction and suffering.” Sri Prem Baba

“Living in presence means walking through life without a map, following only the commands of the heart and being guided by the Holy Spirit. Presence itself guides you. Being present, it’s impossible to run away from yourself. In fact, you only find yourself and recognize your gifts and talents in presence, because it is the manifestation of spontaneity. Through presence, you become a pure channel of the divine will.”  Sri Prem Baba

The quieter you become the more you can hear

One foot forward, one foot back, does not work.  Caroline

For Greatness to Happen – At some point, you need to give yourself completely – 100%, without exception, without doubt.  You need to step into an opening of courage, vulnerability and trust and allow the universe to work its magic!  Caroline