Healing Companionship

monkey 1Life serves us pain and love.

A hysterectomy reduced my world to a centrally located room with easy access to the bathroom, visitors and no stairs to ascend. I spent six weeks sleeping, resting and healing in the blue room.

Two weeks post surgery, I observed a rainbow of defracted light on the ceiling. It was then when I picked up a 1/2 functioning point and shoot camera and began documenting my experience. Many images are blurry, reflecting back a state of mind and body.  Most images include Monkey our loyal chinese pug.

Monkey adopted the role of nursemaid, protector and companion. She rarely left my side. Her presence was soothing, calming and reassuring. Then one day she got into a dark chocolate bar at my bedside while I was away. Luckily when I returned, I noticed the empty wrapper in the hallway. Chocolate is lethal to dogs! Long story short, Monkey was rushed to the veterinarian, had her stomach pumped, given charcoal and put on a IV. It was a rough night for both Monkey and I. We endured and reunited to snuggle and heal together. Then the day came when I got up and left the blue room.