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Kundalini Yoga in Crested Butte, Coloraddo

Kundalini Yoga by donation is a monthly event at Sunset Hall behind the fire station in Crested Butte South.  First class was held August 26th in honor of Yogi Bhajan’s birthday.  The theme was “Connecting to the Teacher within” Morning started with 5AM Sadhana!  Second class will be hosted from 7-9PM on September 21st.  The theme will be about balancing self and relationships to others.  It’s the Equinox and post eclipse month which might be a wild ride.  Set your intentions and stay steady!  Location is at Sunset Hall in CB South.  September’s class is going to be really juicy and sweet.  It will calm the nervous system and prepared your body for a deep sleep.  Golden Milk will also be served following class and this warm tumeric almond milk and honey drink is great for reducing inflammation and again, calming the nervous system.

Come on down to CB South on Wednesday night Sept 21 7-9pm for a soothing experience.  Bring a mat, pillows, blanket, mug for golden milk and a friend.  This class is Kundalini by Donation and of course all donations are welcome and appreciated.  I am super excited about hosting these classes.  October’s class will be about Strengthening the Immune System – getting ready for winter!  Expect to sweat and build up some heat in this class!  And come winter Kundalini by Donation will become a regular event along with other great classes!  Spread the word and I look forward to seeing you!  Till then, Caroline

Morning Light and Meditations

Daylight savings started today and thus I rose before the sun.  My body and mind were reluctant but once up with a cup of tea in hand, I got to admire and enjoy the morning light.  The morning light is soft, warm, and yellow.  The low angle of the sun to the earth creates this gentle glow on the planet at both sunrise and sunset.  Here along the east side of the Rocky Mountains we get spectacular morning light since the sun rises on the horizon 50 or so miles away. The front range mountains light up first in pink and orange, followed by a receding shadow line to the east.  When clouds are present on the horizon, we get an array of other warm, low angle, defracted shades of magenta and purple.  This moment in time is like a warm cup of cocoa.  Sweet, luscious and short lasting.  I use this analogy because our best sunrises  occur during the winter months when the sun is at its most southern apex.  When the earth is at its chilliest and when a thick cup of cocoa warms the heart and spirit in mind and body.

Daylight savings also marks the beginning of spring, longer and warmer days and the return of our songbirds.  Now that the magic moment of sunrise has passed, the day has begun and the robins are singing in the day.  Another sweet reminder to wake up and enjoy all the gifts  in the universe!  Cultivate your inner garden with love and light!

Photography, Meditation and Sense of Place – Crested Butte, CO

DSC00628Coming to Crested Butte, Summer 2015: Disconnect to Reconnect – sunrise and sunset drop-in classes, weekend  journeys and forays by appointment.  Settle into your vacation immediately! Relax, restore and refocus while connecting to nature’s beauty and gifts in this mountain paradise.  These classes are about connecting to sense of place and self.  See the extraordinary in the ordinary and fully engage on a new level that embodies your mind, body and spirit.  Why waste 5 of seven vacation days just to really relax  and let go of work on day 6!  Instead, jump start your fun (and wellness) by dropping the stress, the agendas and maybe the phone!

If interested in scheduling a class, hike, workshop contact me through this website.  Thank you!

Autumn Light!

ArriveWoke to the glow.  Pre-sunrise sunshine reflecting off a thin cloud cover creating a cast of energy across the landscape.  Orange, yellow, brown leaves cling to branches radiating their brightest light.  Hillside of grasses not yet awake but there’s a warmth like the child still snuggled in its morning bed.  The air is still and quiet as if all is aware of this coming glory, as if a miracle is about to happen.  The animals, the dogs, the people all feel this sense of joy, warmth, stillness, love, gratitude while awaiting the glorious awakening and crest of the sun over the horizon.

Autumn light, its long shadows and low angle is the best.  The light event has passed. The sun is obscured by the clouds, a slight breeze blows and its time to get on with our day.

WILD Womens Week, July 26-August 1, 2015, Crested Butte, Colorado

Womens Wellness Week  highlights (July 26-August 1, 2015, Crested Butte, Colorado):

  • Disconnect to Reconnect, Recharge and Re-focus
  • Hike in spectacular aspen, wildflower and alpine environs. Purify self in mountain streams.
  • Nourish your body, mind and spirit with healthy foods, essential oils and flower essence.
  • Re-ignite your creativity through journaling, photography and collage
  • Dance, sing and share stories around a campfire
  • Have fun, make new friends and grow your potential
  • Crested Butte Arts Festival Week

Suggested Itinerary:

Sunday July 26: Arrive to Crested Butte, relax and settle into your new home. Lodging and transportation not included.

Monday July 27:  Orient yourself to town,  acclimate to the altitude, make it a spa day to fully relax and settle.  Monday evening: Music/dinner in the park and meet your group. Orientation to program and coming events.

Tues/Wed/Thurs July 28-30:  Main Attractions ( a suggested itinerary)

  • Tues: 9am start, body warmups and attunement, stretching and brisk walking to aspen meadows (or rent townie cruiser bikes and explore upper loop/slate river watershed).  Learn meditation basics.  Mindful eating and nourishment presentation/discussion followed by a balanced and healthy lunch, dark chocolate too!  Walking meditation, goal setting and journaling activities. Pre-planning for next day wilderness hike and exploration.  Evening program.
  • Weds:  meet at shuttle bus at 7:30 AM.  Shuttle to trailhead.  Safety/equipment talk.  Body warmups,  walking meditation/hike into backcountry.  Lunch in backcountry. Shinrin yoku, nature photography and journaling.  Spa time available in late afternoon/early evening.
  • Thurs:  sunrise start.  Oh Be Joyful trailhead hike and water purification ceremony (weather dependent).  Using nature as metaphor and working with life challenges and transitions. Back in town by 4pm.  Group dinner in town.
  • Friday:  Optional alpine hike day.    Art festival kicks off at 5pm,  downtown Crested Butte.
  • Sat/sunday:  Crested Butte Art Festival. Head home refreshed in paradise!