Caroline C. McLean Photography

Welcome to Oh Be Joyful Journeys. I connect people to nature and to themselves through photography, contemplation and journeys in nature.  Nature is our greatest teacher.  She teaches through her daily, monthly and seasonal rhythms. She teaches about the light and dark; birth, life, death and regeneration; balance, harmony, beauty and love; cruelty, violence, humility and respect.  Nature heals and joy-our birthright is within reach, when we learn to be present with ourselves, receive with our hearts and understand why the bird sings.  

I am an artist, biologist, educator and wellness advocate. Nature is my healer and photography is my journey.  I walk and I see nature as she is undressed, naked, raw, sensuous, articulate, stunning, chaotic and perfect. I see, I admire and I love discovering her hidden treasures.  I teach contemplative nature photography and wellness though mediation, sensory awareness and visual exercises. I help people reconnect to creativity and see the extraordinary in the ordinary.  Boulder and Crested Butte, Colorado are places I call home.

Oh Be Joyful Journeys, LLC is a compilation of my life work and dedication to the health and wellbeing of planet earth. As a biologist, I believe in interdependence. I believe that human health and wellbeing is directly related to the health and wellbeing of nature. What we do to the earth, we do to ourselves. We are in crisis and in need of nourishment because we have disregarded our roots, our biology and symbiotic relationships to nature. We are a part of the web of life and if we slow down enough to listen, see, hear, taste, feel and breath nature can heal.  Oh Be Joyful Journeys provides nature-based classes, workshops and retreats that help people “disconnect to reconnect”. Through guided journeys in nature, we quiet the mind, observe and connect to nature’s beauty and rhythm, and awaken to our own personal truth and beauty. We connect to our inner guidance system and learn to make conscious choices that nourish ourselves and nature.

For more information about my photography and Oh Be Joyful Journeys, please visit my galleries, posts and blog.  Comments and sharing are welcome! Thank you and enjoy! All  photos are copyright protected.  Please respect! 


I dedicate my work to my all my relations and to the health and wellbeing of mother earth.  They all inspire and support my wellness and photographic journey.